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How to Maximize your Plex Experience on your Roku Player
New to Roku or looking for new channels to explore? Get tips and tricks straight from our channel partners in our new Channel Highlight series. Leave your questions or comments below for Plex! Everybody loves how simple it is to combine all their favorite media streams through their Roku player, and Plex, enhances that functionality by turning your Roku player into a window for all your personal media. With Plex on Roku, you have the ability to better organize your videos, photos, music and movies and stream them to your big screen.


Five Ways to Kick the Cable TV Habit and Save Serious Cash
Fewer than 5 percent of cable subscribers have cut the cord, according to research firm Parks Associates, but nearly all of them did it for the same reason: Their cable bills were too damned high. The average American now pays nearly $100 a month for cable TV, says the NPD Group, a bill expected to top $200 by the year 2020. Meanwhile, cable providers consistently rank among the worst companies in annual surveys of customer satisfaction. Thatís a big reason why pay TV subscriptions have been steadily declining.


Unboxing and Setup: Amazon Fire TV
With the announcement of Amazon's Fire TV, people are wondering how it will stack up to set top boxes already on the market like the Roku and Apple TV. We got a Fire TV in the Studio and are bringing you guys along as we unbox it and set it up. Full review to come!


Install and Configure Plex on Amazon Fire TV
This will walk you through downloading Plex, installing, and configuring it on Amazon Fire TV. Please Like my videos and Subscribe! Check out my other Plex videos at Amazon FireTV Unboxing Video - Category Science & Technology License Standard YouTube License


Amazon Fire TV Hands-On Review - Plex, Gaming, MKV, Bluetooth Controllers, Interface
Published on Apr 3, 2014 Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link) VIDEO INDEX: 0:13 - Hardware overview 1:04 - Interface 1:16 - Amazon Video demonstration 1:48 - Voice search demonstration 2:26 - Amazon Coins vs. dollars discussion 3:08 - Bluetooth controller pairing 3:31 - Plex Demo 3:58 - MKV discussion 5:43 - Asphalt 8 game demo 7:10 - Conclusion and recommendations CORRECTION - you can buy apps and games with cash OR points. It's not points only as I originally stated. Amazon just launched their entry into the set top box wars. And they've done a nice job with this box. The Android-based hardware has plenty of room to grow, and the interface is gorgeous. But is it better than the Roku 3? Not yet, unless you're primarily an Amazon video user. Amazon has really done a nice job presenting their content, with videos that load so fast they feel like they're on my local network. The apps for other services like Netflix feel a little more generic and not much better than other devices. So if you are not primarily an Amazon user there won't be much gained here over the more mature Roku offering. One of the launch apps is Plex which is a great way to get your own content on the device. But I found it doesn't play well with MKV files, especially ones that have embedded Dolby Digital or DTS audio. You won't be able to stream smartphone content to the Fire TV without first uploading the files to Amazon's cloud service. Both the Roku and AppleTV offer that capability. Games look pretty nice on the device and its quad core processor should help it keep up with even the most demanding Android titles that will become available for it. It also supports standard bluetooth controllers so it may not be necessary to purchase the Amazon controller. Amazon has a confusing business model with this device -- movies and shows are paid for with dollars or your local currency, but apps and games require a pre-purchase of "coins." I don't like having to park my money with Amazon for future purchases but that's unfortunately the way it's going to be. So is it worth buying? No if you are already a Roku user. Maybe if you have an AppleTV and want to watch Amazon content. Definitely if you don't own a set top box and most of your content purchases are from Amazon.


How to quickly hide unused icons on an Apple TV | How T
With the latest software update for the Apple TV, you can now hide icons directly from the main screen.


Quick Guide for a Windows or Mac PC Over The Air DVR so
Today's best options for setting up your own HTPC software and hardware. This information isn't about old outdated crap that no longer works. This is the real deal


The Fix: Building a home theater (video)
Watch this video on CNET TV: CNET's newest how-to and DIY show features useful tips to easily install your television, get the best sound quality, and select the right screen size.


NEW Plex Home Theatre Review
Check out this new media player from Plex that connects to your server and plays in a super slick skin, also connect to your friends libraries!


Why Buy an LED Internet TV
Why Buy an LED Internet TV: Best HDTV Features to Look For Are you in the market for a new HDTV? Technology Guru, Veronica Belmont, describes and demos her favorite features of the latest HDTVs that are sure to entertain you and your family for years t




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