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Tips and Tricks for Cutting the cable TV cord.

This list will change and evolv rapidly. Bookmark it. Lot's of content to be added soon.

Cordcutter How To

  1. How to Set up your own private DVR system with Over The Air Signals. Mac Or Windows.

  2. How to Connect Your TV to your PC and watch TV shows and Movies online

  3. Watch TV Shows if you don't have cable tv subscriptions

  4. Watch Movies with no cable tv subscriptions

  5. What's on at Netflix? Here are some suggestions

  6. What's New at Netflix? New Movies and TV Episodes.

  7. The latest TV Episodes at Hulu? FREE Ones?

  8. What are the latest free tv episodes I can watch at Crackle?

  9. What are the most recent free movies posted to Crackle?