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     ESL: Player vs Player - Playing With Power

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    The Ultimate Cordcutters Home Theater Setup.

    This is my set up. This page is a work in progress. Please utilize this information to build yourself the ultimate home theater system in the world. All these techniques and software packages work flawlessly and are being used by me on a daily basis. Pick and choose what works for you and your budget. You can utilize FREE OTA Television signals and record them with your own private DVR with unlimited storage and capacity and enjoy anytime you want. (Thanks to the VCR this is LEGAL). Once you have an inventory you need to make it easy to view and organize. These options will work for you as they work for me.

    Step 1: Connect your PC to your TV

    Step 2: Install iTunes - Get iTunes

    Step 3: Install Plex Home Theater - Get Plex

    Step 4: Install Playon.TV and PlayLater- Windows Only

    Step 5: Install Handbrake - Mac and PC - Get Handbrake

    Step 6: Install Meta Tag Software - Subler for Mac

    Step 7: Set up Chromecast $35 - More information about Google Chromecast

    Step 8: Set up Apple TV - Get your Apple TV

    Step 9: Purchase and install an external hard Drive.1.5 Terrabytes preferred

    Step 10: Purchase a Homerun HD Digital Network TV Tuner - Works on nearly all OS

    Step 11: Set up a DVR for recording OTA TV signals - Windows Media Center or Eyetv 3 for Mac

    Step 12: Become your own cable company and enjoy when you have the time to watch what you want to watch when you have time to enjoy it.