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The FREE TV Guru helps you find the latest TV Episodes you can watch without a cable tv subscription. Find something good to watch today. All links directed to the source of the videos. Nothing is streamed on this site. We simply hook you up with the good stuff, and ways to build the ultimate home theater at any budget. Stay tuned because big things are happening on this site daily. Stop searching from site to site, we do that for you.

Turn your OLD Windows PC into a Monster Home Theater

Take your old outdated laptop or Windows PC and update the hard drive and memory and make it better than new again. I recently replaced the hard drive on a 10 year old Gateway laptop running Windows Vista. The new 120 Gig SSD drive pushed the performance of the unit to amazing standards. What barely functioned now runs better than my new computers. This process is easy and yes you can do it.

Step 1: Scan your computer to see if it can be upgraded.

Step 2: Order your new hard drive and kit

  • 120 Gig or better depending on what your computer NEEDS.
  • Order here
  • Order on Amazon or where ever.
  • Get the hard drive clone kit.
  • I used a Drive Case for a 2.5 inch drive to clone drives with.

Step 3: Utilize your old hard drive for external storage

  • You can keep the old drive as back up
  • You can convert the old hard drive to exteranal storage with your hard drive enclosure

Step 4: The software to clone with

  • It's FREE
  • Don't forget to create the rescue disk or usb stick
  • Macrium Software - Download it here.
  • This was easier than I thought. I just clicked and clicked and it worked.

Step 5: Let your friends play with your 10 year old laptop that runs faster than their brand new one.

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Major Networks: Best quality picture and sound when you watch your favorite TV shows from their original Source. Enjoy

CBS - Watch CBS Television online on your time. These shows and more

ABC - ABC television shows online to only those who have cable tv subscriptions because they are special. And losing market share now.
Comedy Central - Watch online content from Comedy Central


History Channel - Full Episodes now available - New iPad app


A & E Network - Full Episodes now available - New Horrible site design. Refresh their page when it fails

FOX - Fox programing online. Most Episodes cannot be watched unless you have cable.
  • TBS - Watch full episodes online from Turner Broadcast
  • HGTV - Watch full episodes online from Home and Garden Television
  • The CW - New Shows posted online
  • The Weather Channel
  • - Great place to find tv and movies from all over the web. Netflix Too

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